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Are Backlinks Still Important?

Are Backlinks Still Important? The short answer to this is yes.  Great article let’s go eat.  Well not so fast.  As an internet marketing consultant we get asked this question all the time and it seems like every client or prospect now a days knows the importance of backlinking in some form or another. Like anything in life, in order for something to be considered reputable, it must hold one thing in common amongst everyone else, and that is “trust”.  What makes a $10 bill worth $10?  It’s just a green piece of paper that has “10” written on it
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How Much Does It Cost for PPC Ads?

PPC or pay per click ads are those internet search marketing paid search ads found when performing a search query at a search engine, like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  PPC is the most controlled form of internet marketing in terms of keywords, targeting area/location, ad copy and budget.  The advertiser pays a per click charge to be included in a search engine like Google’s search results for any particular keyword.But how much should ppc marketing cost?  Well there are a few aspects to that question.  Firstly, PPC ads are necessitated by a keyword, like “roof cleaning” for a power washing
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