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Reasons Your AdWords Manager Isn’t Cutting It

Many companies don’t know how to go about finding and then vetting PPC consultants or management companies for a few good reasons, namely they themselves may not know enough about pay per click or search engine optimization to feel confident in the interviewing process.  A parallel can be drawn to those of us not mechanically inclined when taking our cars for a service.  For this reason we’ve outlined a few points or suggested questions to ask yourself about your ppc marketer and their relationship with you and the campaigns they are running on your behalf.  Being a Certified Google Partner,
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What is SEO?

What it’s Not! Before we can answer what SEO is, we should first establish what SEO is not.  SEO is not a quick fix to improving sales.  Businesses looking for “more sales” or “more phone calls” through organic optimization generally don’t understand that SEO is a long-term investment that does not usually offer the same short term financial wins you get with pay per click (specifically Google AdWords). Organic optimization is a long-term investment that requires a thorough strategy, and a realistic set of goals and expectations.  It also requires a lot of patience.  Yes, there are times when SEO can
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AdWords Optimization Series- Part-2

What is an Assist (in PPC management)? The idea of an “assist” in Google’s AdWords marketing or Bing Ads platform, is not brand new, but my experience is that most of my knowledgeable clients are completely unfamiliar with the concept. Google’s literature defines the term this way- any click prior to a converting click. Google Purchase Path/Buying Cycle But as you can see from the included image, display, social, email,  and ppc marketing are all largely defined as assisting paths.  So as we expand on our series 1 piece which started the topic of the buying cycle, a mutli-layered approach to
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