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Should I Run a Google AdWords Campaign Myself?

Many of our clients, from companies of varying sizes and industries, come to us having tried to create, develop and maintain PPC marketing accounts- namely through Google AdWords.  We have found that many small and medium sized businesses initially decide to try their hand at managing these campaigns, and typically with little or even no success then look to internet marketing companies like Insider-Search for our expertise.  Our best successes in these instances are not only defining realizing increased sales or leads, but in doing so we more than pay for our own management fees (max 7% of the budget).
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Bing Ads- No Account Level Budgetary Option

Back in my days at Yahoo! Inc, in the search marketing division (2004-2007), which has now become Bing Ads, there was an option for a top-level, account budget.  Account managers were able to set a final amount the the account could spend, regardless of the individual campaign allotment of funds.  This was particularly useful for our clients like Chem-Dry of Huntington Beach, whom market to the majority of Orange County, don’t have city-specific fund limitations, but instead a final daily budget.  Our campaign structure isolates each city with a Geo and IP targeted campaign pair.  Since the current Bing/Yahoo platform
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