5 Reasons PPC Campaigns Need to Be Run By Professionals

While all marketplaces would and do benefit from Professional PPC Management, the following details are specific to service-based businesses, using our extensive experience in the Drug Rehab Industry as the clarifying example. 5 Reasons Consulting Google Partner Agencies Outperform/Are Cheaper Than Hiring 1 Full-Time Employee:
  1. Huge Market– addiction/drug rehab/alcohol recovery and the seemingly unlimited iterations of the marketplace are a substantial target scope.  Researching pre-launch keywords as well as perpetually identifying new market targets throughout the life of the campaigns is crucial.  Digital advertising markets fluctuate naturally and seasonally in addition to the dynamicism of Google’s best practices, editorial guidelines, tools and features.
  2. Serviced-based Business Types are Harder– defining a bottom line metric is absolutely crucial to any success.  Not throwing away a client’s budget starts with the goal and the aim for the campaign at hand.  Because service-based business don’t sell goods and produce a cost per revenue, simple ROI- that bottom line metric is less tangible.  Nonetheless, an ROI needs to be defined and discussed with the client each month.
  3. Tracking is Time-Consuming, Complicated & Multi-Faceted:  another example of the theme on why 1 single viewpoint can’t see everything.
  4. Market Specific– competition enters and leaves the marketplace regularly as we all learned in Econ 101.  Thousands of keywords necessitate multiple eyes and hours.  Experience specific to the business type and resulting goals is paramount.
  5. Multi/Group Perspective– points 1-4 lead to this final point, in which a team of perspectives, ideas, backgrounds and experiences is needed to tackle any tough industry.  Even the simplest of tasks on a large scale conclude with some degree to mental fatigue.  This is not to mention new tool/feature implementation and adaptation.  The multi-view approach is the only way to cut down on the even minor mistakes that cost budget.  We’ve transitioned large PPC projects to clients who have then had a full-time marketing employee take on the work, and the bottom line suffers.  No one personality or viewpoint can evaluate so large scope of a successful Drug Rehab pay per click program.
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