AdWords Optimization Series- Part-2

What is an Assist (in PPC management)?

The idea of an “assist” in Google’s AdWords marketing or Bing Ads platform, is not brand new, but my experience is that most of my knowledgeable clients are completely unfamiliar with the concept.
Google’s literature defines the term this way- any click prior to a converting click.
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Google Purchase Path/Buying Cycle
But as you can see from the included image, display, social, email,  and ppc marketing are all largely defined as assisting paths.  So as we expand on our series 1 piece which started the topic of the buying cycle, a mutli-layered approach to marketing is optimal.  Conversion only PPC management completely misses the opportunity and potential of AdWords as a facilitator of conversions, assisting direct, organic and referral conversions.  Under this model PPC, social media, display ads and email campaigns generate the awareness, and capture the intent to convert, regardless of the final path of conversion.  And furthermore, business owners shouldn’t care where their orders/leads etc. come from, particularly if we have the complete picture on how they were generated.
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