Affordable Google AdWords Management Services

AdWords PPC: Localized Campaigns

Setup (1-Time) Fee – starting at $149
Monthly Management Fee –
$0-2000 Media Spend $199/month
$2000/month Media Spend and Up 7%

Local AdWords Proposal Info

Local accounts are those AdWords campaigns with a service or coverage area defined by a radius in miles.  These cater to localized businesses that have defined their typical customer as one who is looking to visit their brick and mortar location or similarly, the client visits the customer– i.e. a plumber.  Local accounts are typically much cheaper than other state-wide or nationwide accounts due to the fact that the cost per click rates are less due to an only localized competition landscape. These Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns can have budgets from $10/day and up without any ceiling limitation, but they are known to be very affordable and effective due to the small coverage area.  For this reason, we as AdWords consultants require less research and work to both setup and maintain the account on a monthly basis, as compared to those AdWords campaigns covering the entire country– and therefore our fees are affordable by small and tiny sized businesses.

AdWords PPC: Expanded Coverage Campaigns- State, Nationwide, International

Setup (1-Time) Fee- $349-600
Monthly Management Fee –
$0-4000 Media Spend $299/month
$4000/month Media Spend and Up 7%

Custom AdWords Proposal Info

As Google AdWords and Bing Ads consultants, we provide a free ppc proposal customized to each client’s specific needs and business variables.  Specific fees pertain to the workload and budget, and therefore can vary from project to project but will never exceed 7% gross media budget., as a Google Certified Consultant, prides itself on transparency and setting fair and real expectations.  As a result, we make sure that all of our AdWords and Bing Ads proposals are customized to the clients’ needs after a conversation with them on their target marketing goals.  Our PPC proposals clearly explain our fees and terms as well as our expectations for results.  Our clients agree, the Insider-Search PPC Consultant team is honest, personable and accountable.  There are no such thing as “small fish” in our pond!