Affordable AdWords/PPC Management- Work Done In-House

We recently were contacted by a company to provide a PPC proposal and fee quote for full monthly management of their pre-existing Google AdWords account.  While this is a normal occurrence for digital marketing companies like ours,, we were asked a simple, yet important question.  That question was, “do you guys do the management and optimization of AdWords in-house?”, which is not only a necessary question, but we reflected that we were surprised that we don’t get asked that more often. For us here at, we do all of our own work personally or “in-house”, but there are many smaller companies that use international (typically from India) or 3rd party managers to work their pay per click accounts.  We are not going to condemn anyone or even that as a practice.  Even though we don’t believe in outsourcing a service in which we widely and directly market ourselves for, it should be noted that the larger PPC/SEO/digital marketing universe has gotten a bad reputation for such behavior.  And for this reason the question should be asked of your AdWords expert, manager or guru.  Do you personally work the accounts and if not, you need a direct relationship with the person that does.  In our 10+ years of digital marketing, we are sure of the fact that success can be found in the synergy of the client’s expertise with that of the marketers’.  A relationship must exist there, with an open line of communication.  Insider-Search’s clientele find comfort in the fact that they know who is working their account, for what service or services and that they can get in touch with them through text, phone and email.  We famously like to tell the story around our office where a client called our founder Keith on Easter a few years back.  The conversation was moderately time-sensitive in its importance and we were glad to cater to that need on a holiday/Sunday. Take a friendly suggestion– know your marketer, know who’s actually doing the work and that conversation may start with the question- “do you provide this service (SEO/PPC/design) in-house”?  And to continue that questioning, is this work sold off to another company and you are simply a sales person? Find a digital marketing relationship with here, and find out why we’re cheaper and still more qualified.
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