American Addiction Centers PPC Program

  The Insider-Search Google AdWords expert team was fortunate enough to create, track and optimize American Addiction Center’s pay per click program.  The goal for our PPC team was ultimately pass the day to day management of the programs to AAC’s in-house staff after we’d set-up and run the campaigns for them for the 1st two years.  It was important to American Addiction Center’s VP of marketing, Adam Mittelberg to ultimately have that in-house control over the day to day operations- a goal for which we were happy to cater to.  Typically, this option isn’t viable, that is hiring a full-time staff, so in most cases the management continues under the Insider-Search roof. Google AdWords Certified Partner The challenge for this program and its 6-figure monthly budget stemmed from the fact that AAC’s locations are not only coast to coast, but contain their own branding– something different than the other dozen addiction rehab center’s with which we’ve worked . Not only did each location need its own Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, but within those accounts IP and Geo targeted campaigns,Re-marketing campaigns and branded campaigns all needed precise and detail oriented attention, with a detailed focus on each’s strengths and comparative advantages.  One thing we’ve learned over the years in working with so many different Addiction Rehab facilities, is that literally no two are exactly the same.  The multitude of variables, location, in-take ability/channels, specializations, ability to take insurance, etc., all shift the nuance of creating a successful and comprehensive pay per click marketing campaign. The drug rehab, addiction marketing space is very competitive and can be expensive, so we’ve found great success with really listening to what the facility and management is looking for, looking to exclude, and has found past success with.  Like any relationship we cultivate with our clients, synergy of expertise is the foundation. We do limit our clientele within any single marketplace, but with our migration of AAC to its own management, we are looking for our next Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab marketplace partner.  Contact us if you’d like to experience the monumental success we created with American Addiction Centers, for which we are very grateful to them and their team.  We wish AAC continued success in their PPC marketing efforts.
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