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Microsoft’s Bing Ads (or Bing PPC as it’s also known) and Yahoo’s Search Marketing merged their PPC/sponsored search platforms under 1 roof a few years back.  As a result only a Bing Ads campaign is need to reach the search markets of both engines.

And just like with Google’s AdWords, Bing Ads requires a sophisticated marketing account creation to successfully run pay per click ads on their network.  Insider-Search is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional Company, equipped with the experience and know-how to make our clients successful- big and small, local to Los Angeles and across the country.  We continue to prove it each day to each client for every goal they task us with.

Yahoo Search Marketing Expert

Bing Ads Expert, Professional and ConsultantWe have worked many serviced based markets, notably addiction/drug rehab, as well as localized store-fronts from Orange County, Ca to Florida as well as E-commerce.

While the Bing Advertising platform is clearly the 2nd place search engine with Yahoo in the US, it is quite significant for many reasons.  First off, there are only 2 major search engines and therefore Bing/Yahoo search attracts millions of users and searchers.  Secondly, Bing typically is cheaper and many times much cheaper per click/keyword– this, of course, depends on the marketplace and other PPC factors.  And the last point we’ll mention is that while many businesses utilize Google AdWords, a substantial portion do not, reducing the general competition there as well.

Bing Ads has allowed our clients take their businesses to the next level, whether extending their Google AdWords successes, or because AdWords was to expensive.  Regardless, we’ve found particular value in Bing/Yahoo and continue to use it with our clients month in and month out.

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