Bing Ads New Feature- Shared Library

The Bing Ads/Yahoo Search marriage of PPC marketing has basically been defined by that team’s ability to play catch-up with Google AdWords (Google’s pay per click platform).  I got to see this catch-up back in the early to mid 2000’s when I worked for Yahoo’s Search Marketing division. Recently we got a few new feature that Google AdWords has had for probably 2 to 3 years.  A Shared Library option is now available in the left hand side account tab.  While the Google AdWords version of the Shared Library includes 5 features: Ads/Audience, Bid Strategies, Budgets, Campaign Negative Keywords, and Campaign Placement Exclusions, Bing’s version only contains Campaign Negative Keywords.  But it is a start, and as Google AdWords/Bing Ads Consultants/Managers, we’ll take whatever we can get. bing ads management company tip If you’re not familiar with the Account level Shared Library, it simply provides the feature in question, in Bing’s case only negative keywords, and allows you to apply that feature across any or all campaigns desired without having to recreate the list. Hopefully soon we’ll see those 4 other features on Bing, let alone have them actually create a new one.  My vote is the shared budget feature. If you’d like to contact our Google AdWords Certified Partner Management team or Bing Ads Pro Managers, we are accessible and ready to help.
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