Bing Ads- No Account Level Budgetary Option

Back in my days at Yahoo! Inc, in the search marketing division (2004-2007), which has now become Bing Ads, there was an option for a top-level, account budget.  Account managers were able to set a final amount the the account could spend, regardless of the individual campaign allotment of funds.  This was particularly useful for our clients like Chem-Dry of Huntington Beach, whom market to the majority of Orange County, don’t have city-specific fund limitations, but instead a final daily budget.  Our campaign structure isolates each city with a Geo and IP targeted campaign pair.  Since the current Bing/Yahoo platform no longer offers this account-budget option, we have to set completely artificial daily limits, without limiting any certain target city or going over our target spend.  This is an unnecessary obstacle, in an otherwise very dynamic and capable marketing vehicle.
Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

We don’t bring this to the attention of our readership looking for sympathy, but instead use our Digital Marketing Blog as an avenue to provide feedback to Bing as well as to let others experiencing this problem that it is not just you.  It is a problem that needs a minor amount of attention, but a remedy ASAP nonetheless. Feel free to contact us with questions to other problems you’ve had in running your own Pay per Click accounts, call, or schedule a meeting if you’re in the east LA county/IE area.  We’d love to talk!
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