Bing Ads Reduces Mobile Targeting Options

Bing has recently issued a release stating that their PPC platform, Bing Ads, is no longer allowing opt outs by device.  The user/marketer can no longer choose to not push their ads through any of the 3 device types: desktop, tablet or mobile.  Therefore the inability to isolate by device is not an enhancement, but instead a Bing revenue strategy.  Bing’s release does state that it has an advantage over its competition in Google AdWords by providing a chart that suggests they are more customizable because the “tablet” option can be adjusted through a Bid Modifier, while Google cannot.

bing ads expert

Bing is a necessary means to a larger PPC (let alone macro-digital marketing) plan, as it can be cheaper and therefore more efficient than Google AdWords.  But this device-specific update for us managers is basically a non-issue.  Just make sure your marketer is keeping up with the times, for small and large changes.

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