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Message Extensions- Google AdWords

New Release for Google AdWords– Google’s paid search platform. Message extensions, an extension to the text ad like a call extension, sitelink or callout extends the ad ‘footprint’ and takes up more results page real estate.  The function of the tool itself is novel, in that it allows searchers to reach their service/good providers via text message.  Of course the advantage of this format is everything that a text message is– simple, un-intrusive, time flexible– but in our minds as an advertiser, it allows the searcher to remain anonymous until they’re comfortable sharing next level personal information.  We’ve made this
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PPC Case Study- Drug Rehab (part 1)

We have had the privilege of working with about a dozen addiction rehab facilities (coast to coast) on PPC campaigns over the past 8 years.  In the last year we’ve worked on Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns with 2 very esteemed organizations, American Addiction Centers and Hope By the Sea.  We’ve run PPC campaigns that have had a great level of both short and long-term success, and as a result we created a serviced based PPC case study on our management in the drug rehab marketplace.  We do see these principles applying to most service-based PPC campaigns, in particular those
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How Much Should I Pay a PPC Manager?

Companies that know the value of PPC (pay per click online marketing), through Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Search, have to then decide how to have a winning campaign and who to have create and manage that marketing initiative.  Hiring an employee to work these strategies has as a benefit in-house control through the existing marketing department, but the disadvantages must be considered.  Hiring comes with the normal HR workload, costs and headache, and employees require benefits, hardware, desk space etc.  So many companies find contracting out the work to specialty companies much more efficient and affordable.But what do you
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