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Drug Rehab Pay Per Click Marketing

Addiction/Drug Rehab PPC marketing, of course, falls under the service based business model- a model that presents it own set of hurdles in determining a bottom line quantification of a PPC program’s effectiveness. These variables include the obvious intangibility of a bottom line, at least when compared to the E-commerce model, where dollars and cents make perfect and final sense. Respective to the drug and alcohol rehab market, pay per click programs define their additional variables or obstacles in presenting a final evaluation metric for any given time period.  We look at phone calls as a primary goal, but can
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What Can PPC Do For Your Business, (Affordably)?

90 Seconds to See What Pay Per Click ads on Google/Yahoo/Bing can do for your business. Our Bing/Yahoo and Google PPC professionals can help manage your web marketing needs.Our affordable web marketing company will create a customized proposal tailored to your goals and business size.  We work with client budgets from $500 per month to $200k per month, and up.  No matter the business type, e-commerce, service-based, or store-front, we have the experience and success to match.Contact us at [email protected], or 909-969-4418– no risk, no contract.
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