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SEO Audit: Five Essential Steps For Analyzing Your Site

You own or work for a business, you have a website, you need more traffic.  If this is you then hopefully the following will help you better understand how to approach your much needed SEO website audit.   Start With Your Visibility   One of the first things if not the first thing anyone should do is check to see if your site is even being cached by Google.  By performing a cache: command in the URL in Google Chrome, or by downloading a cache plugin for other browsers, you can very quickly tell whether or not Google is crawling
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The Importance of CBlocks in SEO Management

The Importance of CBlocks Some webmasters surprisingly have never even heard of this term, yet CBlocks are vitally important to the search engine performance of your website. So what exactly are they? Think of CBlocks as a way for Google to check to see whether or not your inbound links are coming from sites that relate to each other in some way. There is actually a technical science behind CBlocks which derives from website IP addresses.  Your IP address is part of a CBlock neighborhood that Google can scrape and analyze. At the end of 2013, Moz polled a number
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