Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Business Page and Paid Search Ad Setup & Optimization

Facebook Ads Manager

  • Free Facebook Ads Campaign Setup

  • No Campaign Contract Terms Required

  • Campaigns Starting at $5/day Media Budget

  • Managed by a Google Certified Manager & Consultant

  • Management Fees Starting at only $99/month

Facebook Ads or specifically Facebook Sponsored Ads are the newest and most relevant pay per click style ads to online marketing in the lineage of Google’s AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Ads’s programs– the 2 giants of PPC marketing.

Most sponsored Facebook campaigns have one of 2 goals in mind-

  1. Facebook likes: facebook page, event or group.
  2. Website visits, similar to Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns.

Facebook Ads Manager and ConsultantFacebook Advertising’s unique draw to the online marketing community, especially in terms of the pay per click model, is defined in its targeting.  Facebook users, when setting up an account, volunteer their personal information from location, age, gender, job title and even hobbies.  So Facebook sponsored ads draw from the power of access to that personal information, and therefore the ability of us as AdWords managers and consultants to leverage that information in targeting to our chosen demographic.

Additionally, we’ve found that the per click charges for these Facebook sponsored ads are much more affordable than their Google AdWords and Bing Ads counterparts.

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