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In using Gmail these days, you have undoubtedly seen and probably accidentally clicked on a Sponsored Ad interwoven within your inbox.  Google has been pilot testing these ads and refining them to be run through Google AdWords.   The Google official release suggests that these sponsored ads are now more integrated and therefore engaging.  While we are highly critical of the overselling of that point, we do, however, give credence to the fact that one change is less ads in the same space.  Google’s attempt to “show fewer, higher-quality native ads that integrate more seamlessly with the inbox experience” is progress, since we know that the majority of users will rarely intentionally engage sponsored ads, regardless of “relevance”.  The exception being Remarketing, potentially.
gmail ads for adwords example

Desktop Screenshot Example- Gmail Sponsored Ads through AdWords

Advertisers are only charged their AdWords cost per click charge if the ad is clicked upon, which expands the ad to the full-page view.  This is true for both mobile and desktop/tablet version of these Gmail sponsored ads.

gmail ads adwords

Mobile Version- Gmail Sponsored Ads by AdWords

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