Google AdWords Ad Extensions- Callouts

Google AdWords has expanded its ad extensions to include Callouts– a new feature that adds more text to your ad in an attempt to boost click-through rates.  While this is a natural attempt for Google to boost revenue, it also has positives for AdWords campaigns and those agencies that are on top of new features and newly adopt them before the general public. Here are a few advantages or reasons we’ve employed the Callouts ad extension for many of our clients:
  1. Larger ad footprint- any time we can take up more room on the results page with our ads, be it sitelinks, call extensions or other tactics, we like to do so.  We’ve found increased CTR’s, which not only is an increase in traffic but, CTRs affect ad rank, as we all know.
  2. We can use Callouts to express calls to action or other important points previously being used in our ad text, therefore freeing up more ad space to attract the searcher with additional verbiage.
  3. The Callout itself can attract the searcher, with examples like “free shipping”, “25 year experience” or for our PPC Management ads, “free account setup” and “no contracts”.
Of course ad extensions are free features of Google AdWords and should be used when appropriate by Expert AdWords Consultants and general AdWords users alike. If you’re not sure how to setup a call extension like Callouts, contact us and we’ll be glad to walk you through the process.
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