How Do Medium-Sized Businesses Handle PPC?

Medium Sized businesses can get caught between lacking corporation sized budgets and being too large for small ‘mom and pop’ type operations to run, in terms of Google PPC marketing.  Larger corporations can afford the 15+% PPC fees, and as a result get needed, customized treatment that is vital to PPC success.  This type of attention is more readily available within smaller organizations, due to the sometimes family oriented nature of appeal that comes with a smaller scope (think buying a burger from your favorite local spot versus McDonald’s)– but PPC expertise and scale-ability can quickly become the weak link in supporting larger PPC programs and initiatives.

Medium-sized businesses need large scale support to build a marketing budget to corporate levels, but can’t afford the large agency fees that come with that support, plus setup fees.  Additionally, hiring and training staff in-house usually isn’t the fastest, cheapest and most efficient option.

Southern California PPC Pro

The SolutionFind a local Google Certified Partner / Bing Yahoo Accredited Pro company who is also a medium, growing company on a similar path, providing:

  1. They can accommodate your current and projected media budget– and have the experience to back it up.  Long terms goals in terms of growth are key in lasting professional relationships between client and marketer.
  2. The PPC Pro Company has comparatively ‘discounted’ rates, when compared to agencies.  Our maximum fee is 7% of gross media budget, whereas larger agencies won’t talk to you for 10-17%.  A key reminder here, is that a direct comparison between medium and large agencies must include the idea that larger agencies have to outperform its competition, including the fee disparity.
  3. The PPC Expert must still provide the smaller business perks and feel, such as direct access, flexibility, and security of knowing your account isn’t handed to an intern because you’re a small fish in a big pond.  Many of our clients really feel comfortable, because not only can they directly call my desk, they also know team really is the key.  We’re working together, without the smug undertones suggesting, your questions are pointless, or you don’t know enough about this, etc.  Business owners of all ages and levels of knowledge exist and must be tailored to.

Final Outcome- medium sized businesses can benefit from the advantages of both small and larger sized PPC Expert perks by finding a PPC Pro Company of a similar size- a best of both worlds approach.

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