How Is An AdWords Professional Better Than You?

4 Ways Experts Will Outperform You (aka, How Pros Provide Value That More Than Pay For Their Fees):
  1. Ad Formulationgetting the best converting, highest click through rates for ads.
  2. Keyword Researchhaving all the marketplace has to offer today and tomorrow, not to mention NOT excluding budget waste in the form of keywords, campaign settings and networks.
  3. Trackingwhat is happening, measurably.  Tracking is time-consuming, complicated and multi-faceted.  It is not an aspect of PPC/Google AdWords/Bing Ads that a novice should expect to pick-up, understand and be able to reproduce immediately.
  4. Campaign Structuring- in a phrase, quality score.  Working each keyword individually with its assigned ad(s) in order to pay less per click than the competition.  An AdWords Expert’s value is literally dollars and cents here.
Considering hiring an AdWords Certified Partner and/or reviewing marketing proposals?  Make sure to ask how the marketer will pay for their fees and add value.  After all, it is the only reason we exist. adwords professional
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