How Much Does It Cost for PPC Ads?

PPC or pay per click ads are those internet search marketing paid search ads found when performing a search query at a search engine, like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  PPC is the most controlled form of internet marketing in terms of keywords, targeting area/location, ad copy and budget.  The advertiser pays a per click charge to be included in a search engine like Google’s search results for any particular keyword.

But how much should ppc marketing cost?  Well there are a few aspects to that question.  Firstly, PPC ads are necessitated by a keyword, like “roof cleaning” for a power washing company, for example.  So the advertiser needs to research the best keywords, ad text, landing pages, and assign each keyword a bid.  Secondly, the advertiser needs to assign an advertising budget for the campaign, usually in the form of a per day or month amount.

But the question we are most interested in discussing today is how much should you pay an expert to create and run a PPC campaign for you, since this marketing type is so complex, the rules for Google and Yahoo/Bing differ, and those rules change more frequently than the tides.  Many companies make the mistake of running their own campaigns due to a feeling that they cannot afford certified help.  This doesn’t have to be true.  A good Google Certified Partner company will not only save money that the typical uneducated company would waste, but they should strive to then prove to you the value they created!  Many large agencies may charge fees up to and above 10-15%, which then they have to pay for with returns.  We pride ourselves on 7% max fees, and our long-lasting client relationships attest to that.

When finding a PPC manager and/or consultant, make sure transparency is not only included, but stressed.  The management company should clearly define the relationship and like our team, include at least monthly reports with a bi-monthly call.  Access should be provided in multiple formats, (not email only), and lastly, you shouldn’t feel like a small fish in a big pond– even if you are!
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