How Much Is Fair To Pay My AdWords Management Company? 5 Questions To Ask

When any of us look to utilize a service, especially one we’re only vaguely familiar with, the topic of cost is a primary concern.  No one wants to get ripped off, and at least in the example of digital marketing, unlike an oil change, your marketer should be able to prove the value added each month.  Unfortunately when I get my oil changed, unless I literally watch them during the process, I’ll never know if my oil actually was changed, and in that the opportunity for taking advantage is born.  The same can be true with digital marketing, including AdWords marketing, if your marketer isn’t proving the monthly value added.  (And “here’s how many clicks we brought to the web site” is 90% of the time not sufficient.)  For those of us that don’t  know the mechanics of cars well, picking the middle of 3 price-points isn’t how you should pick your marketer.AdWords, Bing Ads Management Company So as a Certified Google Partner, we came up with a list that we’ve been asked by prospective clients, and you should consult these for your business when in the vetting process:
  1. Are you certified with Google and Bing, and how long have you been managing PPC accounts?  This is an opportunity also to ask about assets/budget value under management.  The AdWords partner page actually tabulates their aggregate spend.
  2. Have you worked with my market-space/industry or a business model like mine?Don’t make the mistake of crossing off your list a great AdWords management company because they’ve never done exactly your market if they can prove to you their understanding of your market’s needs.  If the marketer is taking the time to listen to your needs, they should get bonus points.  Too often agencies will only really care once you’ve signed on the dotted line and in our experience, that’s an indicator of a poor relationship.
  3. What’s your fee?  Can it go up and why?  What am I paying for? Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples in terms of fees.  Also, be very concerned about small companies that are willing to charge $99 for an account that is significant in scope, regardless of budget.  You do not want a marketer without experience in a larger setting.  But you can get an affordable, experience and great marketer without having to pay large agency fees.  Here at Insider-Search, we have never charged a client more than 7%, PERIOD.
  4. Whom will I work with and how often will I be contacted by you? A glaring problem is any agency that wants to lay low.  A marketer’s job is to communicate what’s happening in addition to regular feedback requests from you, the actual industry expert.
  5. What’s the agreement/contract situation? If a digital marketing company is willing to start month to month and prove each month their value, then not only is risk low, but their confident in their work.  This rule really only applies to agencies that are NOT super cheap.  Small operations are willing to take the quick buck and with low overheard can pocket it.  Insider-Search typically runs promotion deals where committing to a short term (3 months) gives you a break in the setup/optimization fee.  If you cant commit to 3 months at launch, take your marketing budget to another vehicle.
When its all said and done, create the fullest picture of your paid search marketing prospects.  Those that are willing to talk and answer questions in order to get you to feel comfortable with their perspective and personality should suggest positively.  After all, this is a business relationship and you need to feel comfortable in contacting them.  I know we have had clients really appreciate an open dialogue where contact generates from both sides of the isle.  You as the client need to know that the adwords marketer is actively representing your company’s best interest, and a good indicator of that is regular contact– at least bi-monthly.
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