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Attention Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County communities.  We are running a localized only PPC promotion with a value of up to $1000, which includes free local AdWords account setup by our expert team.  There is no contract needed and having our expert management team run this account starts at only $149/month.  You choose your budget and we work to meet and then exceed your localized traffic goals.  Whether you are looking for phone call customers, walk-ins, sign-ups or online sales, we’ll provide you with the road-map we’ll take from our research.

If you’re a local company, but looking for customers across the USA, we’ll apply this promotion to a nation-wide AdWords account.

Organizations outside the southern California area are applicable for this promotion as well in most instances.

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Southern California AdWords Certified Agency
Call or email for more information, and for a free marketing proposal on how your business can be boosted by our Google AdWords expert help.
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