Local Pay Per Click Advertising

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Local AdWords CompanyLocal pay per click advertising, which uses both Google AdWords and Bing Ads (which contains Yahoo Search), is a form of sponsored ads initiated by a keyword search where the target user is defined by a local area.  That localized area can be defined by marketing to certain cities or through creating a radius around a business location.

The immediate advantages of local PPC and AdWords marketing, is that it is cost effective, because national competition is not a factor.  Only searchers within your targeted local area or specifying your target area can be applicable for the ads.  The Google keyword search “riverside ppc expert” is an example of a searcher specifying an area within the search phrase itself.


Insider-Search.com has run businesses with local needs in many different industries as well as different business models.  Our local PPC consulting is not limited to businesses with store-fronts whom are looking to draw people to their actual place of business– think of a restaurant or a gym, but those businesses thrive with AdWords local campaigns.  With our management fees starting at a very affordable $199/month, even the smallest business can budget to expand their customer base inexpensively.

Other business types that we’ve had great local success with include mobile service based businesses like a plumber, personal trainer or windshield repair, where the technician travels to their customer’s place of business or home.

Our PPC Consulting Fees are not to be confused with the free Google maps business page, we instead create a fully targeted AdWords campaign, set of ad groups, ads, and researched keywords to fit a budget of any budget– $10/day to $10,000/day.  And as always, our fees top out at 7%– you know you will not get taken advantage of with our outright transparency.

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