Message Extensions- Google AdWords

New Release for Google AdWords– Google’s paid search platform.

Message extensions, an extension to the text ad like a call extension, sitelink or callout extends the ad ‘footprint’ and takes up more results page real estate.  The function of the tool itself is novel, in that it allows searchers to reach their service/good providers via text message.  Of course the advantage of this format is everything that a text message is– simple, un-intrusive, time flexible– but in our minds as an advertiser, it allows the searcher to remain anonymous until they’re comfortable sharing next level personal information.  We’ve made this same argument successfully to our Addiction Rehab clients whom utilize web site chat features.  Catering to all personality types is crucial.  Certain people immediately pick up the phone, while others would rather just about anything else.  And when taking time into consideration within our busy and short attention-span lives; text is king.adwords message extesions

To implement this into your current AdWords program or to start gaining leads via text message from Google searches, let us help.  Contact us here for free info and pricing.  Its affordable– seriously!

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