Pay Per Click for the Addiction Rehab Marketplace

Service based businesses have the burden of tracking something other than a simple online/e-commerce sale as a bottom line goal.  We at have been working with clients in the Drug and Alcohol Rehab industry for 6 years, and use the following metrics to tabulate a bottom line– phone call contacts, emails, and on site ‘chat’ contacts.  These 3 pieces contribute to the cost per lead, the equivalent of an e-commerce sale or assist in that methodology. If you are in the Addiction Rehab industry, an online chat interface is a must.  A recent report from one of our rehab clients recorded over 23% of all leads came from Chat initiated conversations, which was almost 65% of all conversions, including emails. Another must is exhausting the Mobile device, especially in terms of the phone call lead avenue.  Google and Bing/Yahoo Search Marketing allow the searcher to query their search through the PC, tablets and mobile devices.  Mobile devices through the same report previously cited accounted for 37% of the total leads. The Addiction Rehab Marketplace is expensive and competitive, and thus a multi-faceted approach is the only hope to keep your head above water, let-alone successful.  The name of the game is managing down the cost per lead. Our fees top out at 7%–ask us for a proposal, no obligation. We’ll drive the traffic and create quality leads, you convert that into success– a team-driven, proven approach.
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