PPC Case Study- Drug Rehab (part 1)

We have had the privilege of working with about a dozen addiction rehab facilities (coast to coast) on PPC campaigns over the past 8 years.  In the last year we’ve worked on Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns with 2 very esteemed organizations, American Addiction Centers and Hope By the Sea.  We’ve run PPC campaigns that have had a great level of both short and long-term success, and as a result we created a serviced based PPC case study on our management in the drug rehab marketplace.  We do see these principles applying to most service-based PPC campaigns, in particular those whose primary goal is phone call leads.  We secondarily tracked email and chat feature contact avenues as well, in creating a bottom line metric of success, which we called cost per lead.  This is what a Hotel/Hospitality or any other call oriented PPC campaign would look like, with some tweaks. Google AdWords Conversion Path There were 30, 60 and long-term CPL baselines created, where $100/lead, including all paths, was the quarter 1 metric.  With a company with some brand equity, this may not be aggressive enough, but for any new or un-specialized nationwide facilities, something like $100/lead should be the 90 day target.  Localization, brand awareness, and specializations like Christian, GLBT, Non-12 Step, etc. can lower the competition and therefore the cost to convert. But a recent change to the outlook of our Drug Rehab campaigns came at the end of 2013, was further developed in 2014 and continues to evolve today.  The search path to conversion is no longer linear.  With mobile taking the seat as largest chunk of the search pie, awareness, consideration, intent all have value in creating conversions or in other words, have influence of the decision process.  So assists from PPC may be just as valuable as a conversion, and in many cases are much more valuable.  Getting the credit for the final purchase doesn’t tell us the highest value– why did that person convert, buy or call? All companies, regardless of size, need to be cutting edge to compete as we knew and support in our Drug Addiction Rehab Case Study.  And service-based models is what we specialize in– making them profitable and affordable.
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