Pay Per Click Management That Delivers Results

pay per click advertising company PPC or Pay Per Click advertising puts your web site at the top ads of the major search engines- Google, Yahoo and Bing. In this model, charges are only accrued once your ads are searched, and then clicked upon to visit your web site. You are only charged once your site is visited for keywords or search phrases we control and choose, after a thorough review of your business and evaluation of your marketplace. For competing business bidding on the same keyword phrase, many factors including cost are considered when Google or a similar search engine chooses which ads are ranked at the top and down the page. One of the many advantages PPC advertising has over other types is the ability to control all of the variables, including cost, budget and bids, as well as the time and place when your ads are shown. For more information about the advantages of paid search and why a Certified PPC Professional is most cost effective in running these complicated PPC ads. PPC is a proven model of internet marketing that can give bottom line details on what marketing is working and what is not, with associated costs by campaign. Corporations large and small use this type of marketing as a major revenue stream because, when done correctly, it has a very high potential to reach your target consumer or business with pinpoint accuracy. PPC advertising connects companies with searchers actively looking for your products or services, and therefore they are motivated consumers. AdWords Brand Marketing, AdWords Consultant Studies show that 89% of consumers are looking for products/services online, which totals over 228 million people online in North America alone. Let our PPC consultants at customize a proposal for your company at no cost, and we will provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan to reach your specific needs, regardless of the size of your business. Our Southern California AdWords Management team prides ourselves in taking companies of all sizes and business models and making them profitable online—we add value to our clients and that produces a long lasting relationship!