Should I Run a Google AdWords Campaign Myself?

Many of our clients, from companies of varying sizes and industries, come to us having tried to create, develop and maintain PPC marketing accounts- namely through Google AdWords.  We have found that many small and medium sized businesses initially decide to try their hand at managing these campaigns, and typically with little or even no success then look to internet marketing companies like Insider-Search for our expertise.  Our best successes in these instances are not only defining realizing increased sales or leads, but in doing so we more than pay for our own management fees (max 7% of the budget). But the evaluation should look at the pros and cons of professional PPC management.  And here’s how we see both sides of the ledger.


  • no costs in setup and management other than your time
  • time consuming
  • lack of research tools and know-how and experience
  • poor account creation and resulting performance (and budget spent wasted) and therefore expensive

Professional Management

  • specialized, experienced knowledge base, tools and training
  • guaranteed Google Pro level account creation and best practices
  • expert reporting, maintenance, expansion, ad writing and tracking
  • bottom line success/failure evaluation per keyword level
  • allows business owner to run business and not spend time and effort learning a new marketing trade
  • costs involved- setup and monthly maintenance: these costs should pay for themselves or agencies would not have successful businesses
We like to sum it up with this analogy– yes you can learn to do your taxes yourself, and if you’re a single person renter with a fixed income and for example, you could get away with it.  But for anyone with a mortgage, kids, stocks, other investments, etc., there is no way to rationalize spending the time and effort to achieve a CPA level knowledge base, let alone the experience.  And even the DYI single person who does their taxes isn’t going to get back a refund like that of a pro. Professional internet marketing companies exist for a reason, and that reason is they are worth more than their fees or they simply wouldn’t exist.  But don’t assume any single marketer’s value, interview multiple options as you might for a doctor, attorney or employee.  
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