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Call Only Google AdWords’s Campaigns

  In our never-ending quest to server our reader base with new Google AdWords features and tools, today we’re bringing light to a new campaign type- “Call Only- ads that encourage people to call your business“.  The Google AdWords official description line is pretty clear, but it is important to note that there are no clicks to the advertiser’s web site, whatsoever.  In the past campaigns that enlisted call extensions, even those with the phone number only, no link to a web site option, still had the option for click-throughs for any non-mobile ads, for which direct calling wasn’t an
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Affordable AdWords/PPC Management- Work Done In-House

We recently were contacted by a company to provide a PPC proposal and fee quote for full monthly management of their pre-existing Google AdWords account.  While this is a normal occurrence for digital marketing companies like ours,, we were asked a simple, yet important question.  That question was, “do you guys do the management and optimization of AdWords in-house?”, which is not only a necessary question, but we reflected that we were surprised that we don’t get asked that more often. For us here at, we do all of our own work personally or “in-house”, but there are
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Google AdWords Ad Extensions- Callouts

Google AdWords has expanded its ad extensions to include Callouts– a new feature that adds more text to your ad in an attempt to boost click-through rates.  While this is a natural attempt for Google to boost revenue, it also has positives for AdWords campaigns and those agencies that are on top of new features and newly adopt them before the general public. Here are a few advantages or reasons we’ve employed the Callouts ad extension for many of our clients: Larger ad footprint- any time we can take up more room on the results page with our ads, be it
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