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Gmail Ads- Powered by Google AdWords

In using Gmail these days, you have undoubtedly seen and probably accidentally clicked on a Sponsored Ad interwoven within your inbox.  Google has been pilot testing these ads and refining them to be run through Google AdWords.   The Google official release suggests that these sponsored ads are now more integrated and therefore engaging.  While we are highly critical of the overselling of that point, we do, however, give credence to the fact that one change is less ads in the same space.  Google’s attempt to “show fewer, higher-quality native ads that integrate more seamlessly with the inbox experience” is progress,
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5 Reasons PPC Campaigns Need to Be Run By Professionals

While all marketplaces would and do benefit from Professional PPC Management, the following details are specific to service-based businesses, using our extensive experience in the Drug Rehab Industry as the clarifying example. 5 Reasons Consulting Google Partner Agencies Outperform/Are Cheaper Than Hiring 1 Full-Time Employee: Huge Market– addiction/drug rehab/alcohol recovery and the seemingly unlimited iterations of the marketplace are a substantial target scope.  Researching pre-launch keywords as well as perpetually identifying new market targets throughout the life of the campaigns is crucial.  Digital advertising markets fluctuate naturally and seasonally in addition to the dynamicism of Google’s best practices, editorial guidelines, tools and features.
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How Is An AdWords Professional Better Than You?

4 Ways Experts Will Outperform You (aka, How Pros Provide Value That More Than Pay For Their Fees): Ad Formulation– getting the best converting, highest click through rates for ads. Keyword Research– having all the marketplace has to offer today and tomorrow, not to mention NOT excluding budget waste in the form of keywords, campaign settings and networks. Tracking– what is happening, measurably.  Tracking is time-consuming, complicated and multi-faceted.  It is not an aspect of PPC/Google AdWords/Bing Ads that a novice should expect to pick-up, understand and be able to reproduce immediately. Campaign Structuring- in a phrase, quality score.  Working each
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