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What is SEO?

What it’s Not! Before we can answer what SEO is, we should first establish what SEO is not.  SEO is not a quick fix to improving sales.  Businesses looking for “more sales” or “more phone calls” through organic optimization generally don’t understand that SEO is a long-term investment that does not usually offer the same short term financial wins you get with pay per click (specifically Google AdWords). Organic optimization is a long-term investment that requires a thorough strategy, and a realistic set of goals and expectations.  It also requires a lot of patience.  Yes, there are times when SEO can
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SEO Audit: Five Essential Steps For Analyzing Your Site

You own or work for a business, you have a website, you need more traffic.  If this is you then hopefully the following will help you better understand how to approach your much needed SEO website audit.   Start With Your Visibility   One of the first things if not the first thing anyone should do is check to see if your site is even being cached by Google.  By performing a cache: command in the URL in Google Chrome, or by downloading a cache plugin for other browsers, you can very quickly tell whether or not Google is crawling
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