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Bing Ads- No Account Level Budgetary Option

Back in my days at Yahoo! Inc, in the search marketing division (2004-2007), which has now become Bing Ads, there was an option for a top-level, account budget.  Account managers were able to set a final amount the the account could spend, regardless of the individual campaign allotment of funds.  This was particularly useful for our clients like Chem-Dry of Huntington Beach, whom market to the majority of Orange County, don’t have city-specific fund limitations, but instead a final daily budget.  Our campaign structure isolates each city with a Geo and IP targeted campaign pair.  Since the current Bing/Yahoo platform
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Bing Ads Reduces Mobile Targeting Options

Bing has recently issued a release stating that their PPC platform, Bing Ads, is no longer allowing opt outs by device.  The user/marketer can no longer choose to not push their ads through any of the 3 device types: desktop, tablet or mobile.  Therefore the inability to isolate by device is not an enhancement, but instead a Bing revenue strategy.  Bing’s release does state that it has an advantage over its competition in Google AdWords by providing a chart that suggests they are more customizable because the “tablet” option can be adjusted through a Bid Modifier, while Google cannot. Bing is
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Bing Ads New Feature- Shared Library

The Bing Ads/Yahoo Search marriage of PPC marketing has basically been defined by that team’s ability to play catch-up with Google AdWords (Google’s pay per click platform).  I got to see this catch-up back in the early to mid 2000’s when I worked for Yahoo’s Search Marketing division. Recently we got a few new feature that Google AdWords has had for probably 2 to 3 years.  A Shared Library option is now available in the left hand side account tab.  While the Google AdWords version of the Shared Library includes 5 features: Ads/Audience, Bid Strategies, Budgets, Campaign Negative Keywords, and Campaign
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