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Bing Ads- No Account Level Budgetary Option

Back in my days at Yahoo! Inc, in the search marketing division (2004-2007), which has now become Bing Ads, there was an option for a top-level, account budget.  Account managers were able to set a final amount the the account could spend, regardless of the individual campaign allotment of funds.  This was particularly useful for our clients like Chem-Dry of Huntington Beach, whom market to the majority of Orange County, don’t have city-specific fund limitations, but instead a final daily budget.  Our campaign structure isolates each city with a Geo and IP targeted campaign pair.  Since the current Bing/Yahoo platform
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Google AdWords Ad Extensions- Callouts

Google AdWords has expanded its ad extensions to include Callouts– a new feature that adds more text to your ad in an attempt to boost click-through rates.  While this is a natural attempt for Google to boost revenue, it also has positives for AdWords campaigns and those agencies that are on top of new features and newly adopt them before the general public. Here are a few advantages or reasons we’ve employed the Callouts ad extension for many of our clients: Larger ad footprint- any time we can take up more room on the results page with our ads, be it
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