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5 Reasons PPC Campaigns Need to Be Run By Professionals

While all marketplaces would and do benefit from Professional PPC Management, the following details are specific to service-based businesses, using our extensive experience in the Drug Rehab Industry as the clarifying example. 5 Reasons Consulting Google Partner Agencies Outperform/Are Cheaper Than Hiring 1 Full-Time Employee: Huge Market– addiction/drug rehab/alcohol recovery and the seemingly unlimited iterations of the marketplace are a substantial target scope.  Researching pre-launch keywords as well as perpetually identifying new market targets throughout the life of the campaigns is crucial.  Digital advertising markets fluctuate naturally and seasonally in addition to the dynamicism of Google’s best practices, editorial guidelines, tools and features.
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Monthly PPC/AdWords Management Tasks

As we discuss pay per click programs with our clients before the launch of a campaign to go live, many of those clients ask us what is involved in our day to day, week to week management work, because many businesses attempt to build and manage AdWords programs for themselves.  So we have compiled some general on-going tasks we partake in once the campaigns are setup, tracking and live. Monthly Management Tasks 1. Ad rotation and evaluation: A. Ads need to be reviewed regularly for their part in the quality score for each keyword.  Sometimes a certain ad will have
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Google AdWords Ad Extensions- Callouts

Google AdWords has expanded its ad extensions to include Callouts– a new feature that adds more text to your ad in an attempt to boost click-through rates.  While this is a natural attempt for Google to boost revenue, it also has positives for AdWords campaigns and those agencies that are on top of new features and newly adopt them before the general public. Here are a few advantages or reasons we’ve employed the Callouts ad extension for many of our clients: Larger ad footprint- any time we can take up more room on the results page with our ads, be it
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