Insider-Search Client Testimonials

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I found Keith and Insider after a bad experience with two other SEO “so called” experts.  One was not very experienced; “a wanna be” and the other was more interested in his price than my needs.  Keith and the guys reviewed my website, made recommendations, converted my site to mobile and set me up with a PPC account.  All this was done with weekly progress with my input and coaching me along the way.  I have a general sense of what I need to market on the internet but I also know I need an experience pro to execute and guide me through my ideas.  For instance I know I need a Facebook page.  And I know there is a professional businesses way and a “I think I know how way”. For them it was a no brainer. For me I didn’t want to screw it up.  There is a right way to do everything on the internet and a not so good way.  I know everything they do for me is the right way.  I see the missteps of my competition everyday. I’m glad these guys are on my team!



Just looked at the call log for September and 42% of calls admitted into the program!!! Thanks for all your work in aligning with the marketing, vision and mission of our program!! We had record admissions during this period of time!! The best month ever! :) :) :)



As a small business owner in today’s economy I realize the importance of having an online business presence. That said, it is very difficult for someone with a limited budget to find quality professionals to help with all aspects of marketing my business online.

I came to Keith at through a friend of mine. I had already tried other companies but found problems everywhere I turned. Either their service was horrendous or they were not really capable of tailoring a website, SEO and online marketing program to fit my specific business needs and budget.

After consulting with Mr. Hansen at insider search we were able to quickly put a detailed plan together for my business. With his expert help, knowledge, and tools available I was able to take my business from the street to online quickly, professionally and most importantly on budget! I could not be happier with the level of service I received.

I would highly recommend the services at to any business owner looking to increase their bottom line through online marketing. Call Keith today. Your business will thank you!


The life blood of my mostly serviced based business here in Orange County California is walk-in customers, but we also rely on e-commerce and phone call revenue– all of which Keith and his team cater to professionally and seamlessly. I was lucky enough to get the Insider-Search team on board right when opening my business, and as a result we really didn’t have to suffer the growing pains of a brand new business. The PPC team kept targeted clicks to my site, within my budget and their management fees are very reasonable. Our professional relationship will continue as long as my doors are open.