The Importance of CBlocks in SEO Management

The Importance of CBlocks
Some webmasters surprisingly have never even heard of this term, yet CBlocks are vitally important to the search engine performance of your website.
So what exactly are they?
Think of CBlocks as a way for Google to check to see whether or not your inbound links are coming from sites that relate to each other in some way.
There is actually a technical science behind CBlocks which derives from website IP addresses.  Your IP address is part of a CBlock neighborhood that Google can scrape and analyze.
At the end of 2013, Moz polled a number of highly talented and reputable SEO superstars asking them what factors were most critical to Google when determining where to rank a website.  CBlocks was a very strong second out of many different factors.  So the importance of natural and relevant back-linking has never been greater.
CBlocks are usually a good thing so long as you are getting links from a good neighborhood.  Google tends to reward sites that offer value to said neighborhood, thus empowering the search engine reputability of the community as a whole.
Unfortunately there can always be a bad neighbor that enters the mix and can begin to bring down the community.  This is where you will want to make use of the trusty disavow tool to let Google know that you don’t want any bad karma from  On the flip side, if you are the only “legitimate” website amongst those that are linking to you, then Google will most definitely count that as suspicious and flag you.
According to Google, the general idea of CBlocks is that it is a relatively good gauge of reputability so it’s best to keep a close eye on your neighbors.
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